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Activities and Projects


Activities - European Museum Academy

The European Museum Academy’s activity programmes covers a wide range of sectors which can be summarized in the following points:

  • Organizes training programs –workshops, brainstorms, seminars, focus group meetings- within the framework of academic curricula as well as in the context of extramural programmes for museum professionals in order to develop their skills in the field of European intercultural communication and museum innovative practices. It is a specific aim of the EMA Foundation to improve the possibilities for staffexchange programmes and to raise funds for travel grants addressed to young professionals so that they can profit of these opportunities of personal growth.
  • Encourages programs focused on museum visitors’ studies in order to improve the qualities of collections’ interpretation and services offered by museums to the public.
  • Offers a unique consultancy service for the assessment of museums’ qualities in terms of concepts, management, organization and experiences offered to the visitor.
  • Carries on programmes focused on Total Quality Management in museums in the light of the concept of Public Quality in museums elaborated by Kenneth Hudson during the 25 years of his directorship of the European Museum of the Year Award organization.
  • Publishes reports and other materials concerning issues of strategic interest for the enhancement of the museums’ role in contemporary society and to prepare them for the challenges of the future.
  • Is permanently engaged in networking at a European level thanks to its network of individual and organizational partners spread all over Europe and active in a variety of different areas of museum related issues.
  • Runs a Special Projects scheme in view of the participation in EU programs dealing with active citizenship, cultural heritage, museums, archives and libraries, digitization of cultural heritage etc.
  • Collects materials and evidences of Kenneth Hudson’s works in cooperation with the University of Padua where a Kenneth Hudson library is held, catalogued and made accessible to post graduate students focused on industrial heritage at an international level.
  • Encourages and promotes any other initiative which might contribute to the raising of the public profile of museums in Europe and the search for continuous improvement in all aspects of their activities. In this context a special role is played by the organization of the Luigi Micheletti Award as a tool for recognizing excellence and creativity in European museums of science and industry.




Courses in Museology

Two courses in museology developed under the auspices of EMA: the Executive Master Course in European Museology at IULM University of Milan, the International School of Museology promoted by the Forum of Slavic Cultures, Slovenia.


EMA supports also aone week  Course organized in Ostersund (Sweden) by  NCK in collaboration with the Research Centre for Museums and Galleries (RCMG) at the University of Leicester’s School of Museum Studies. 


EMA experts are regularly active in these programmes.





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LEM Project

LEM Project - European Museum Academy

LEM - The Learning Museum is a Europe wide network which aims to establish a permanent space for museums and adult educators to act in a learning society and in a knowledge based Europe.

To keep up with change, however, museums are not only expected to be learning places, but learning organisations themselves: learning from the communities, from the public, from their stakeholders, and also from other agencies, with whom they have to build alliances to accomplish the ambitious objectives set by policies at national and European level and meet the challenges of the future decades. LEM aims to create a permanent network of museums and cultural heritage organisations, to insure that they can play an active role with regard to lifelong learning and to raise awareness among decision makers at national and European level. It will do so through this dedicated and dynamic website, international conferences and meetings, the publication and dissemination of thematic reports, the piloting of a mobility scheme for museum educators within the partner countries to support peer learning and the exchange of knowledge at European level. Through its partners and associates, LEM expects to reach the whole museum and heritage community and a large part of the adult education sector. Since 2015 the Lem Project website is operated by NEMO. 


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