2015 Micheletti Award ! 2015 Heritage in Motion !

2015 Micheletti Award ! 2015 Heritage in Motion ! - European Museum Academy


The  visiting campaign to 2015 Micheletti Award now in full development, our Experts are travelling all throughout Europe !

8-9 May 2015 Results will be disclosed in Brescia on occasion of the XX edition of the Award.


Call for entries Heritage in Motion Awards 2015 ! 
The website is now open for applications:


deadline for submissions January 15th,2015 !











EMA at the first edition of the new Ziva Award seminar and ceremony in Skopje , November 7th, 2014 ! Pictures in our PhotoGallery


2014 Kenneth Hudson Seminar Pictures !


Final Seminar of the  Dissonant Heritage project at the Micheletti Foundation, look at the pictures !


New Article of the Month by Jorge Wagensberg !






Queen Fabiola of Belgium past away, we have lost a sincere friend.

Queen Fabiola of Belgium past away, we have lost a sincere friend. - European Museum Academy


Queen Fabiola of the Belgians, 1928-2014


The future Queen Fabiola of Belgium was born in Madrid on 11 June1928, as Doña Fabiola de Mora y Aragón, the third daughter of a family of seven siblings. She trained as a nurse and worked in a Madrid hospital. 


Fabiola married King Baudouin of Belgium on 15 December1960, and quickly won over her new fellow citizens, including the Flemish majority of the nation.  The Flemings admired the dedication and speed of her grasp of their language.  In a matter of months, she was fluent in Dutch. Queen Fabiola and her husband loved laughing together in private, but did not necessarily show this side of themselves in public. The King and Queen proved a popular couple, noted for their quiet dedication to Belgium and the Belgian people; for their staunch Roman Catholicism; and, more poignantly, for their many attempts to have children, all of which ended sadly.


Queen Fabiola’s whole life from then on was devoted to others, particularly those in need.  She had more than curiosity for people - and peoples: she had a passion for human beings everywhere.  She spoke Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, French, English and German, speaking all foreign languages briskly, with a delicious Castilian accent.  She had a taste and talent for direct contact and conversation, talking volubly to everyone with the same enjoyment and genuine interest, always asking good questions, and one could feel her sympathy through her warm and unexpected humour and smiling eyes. She became active in promoting child protection, the flourishing of family life and personal gentleness everywhere


Queen Fabiola accepted the patronage of the European Museum Forum after attending the annual meeting in Barcelona in 1996, and immediately delighted the jury members with her involvement, enthusiasm and, above all, care for everyone.  She knew each of us and what we were doing, regularly enquiring about our plans. When the European Museum Academy was formed in 2009 not only she continued to keep herself informed of our activities but encouraged very much our new initiative. Those of us who had the privilege to meet her regularly knew that we were in the presence of a very special lady, and we mourn her passing.



2014 Kenneth Hudson Seminar at the MUSIL in Rodengo Saiano (I)

2014 Kenneth Hudson Seminar at the MUSIL in Rodengo Saiano (I) - European Museum Academy


This year the Kenneth Hudson Seminar was co-organized by EMA, Fondazione MUSIL, Creative Heritage, Vast-Lab PIN  and other partners.

On the EMA Facebook page, on EMA Twitter  and on the EMA YOUTUBE Channel are available three videos with interviews to some of the speakers commenting the theme of the Seminar. 





Tuesday 16 settembre 2014, 10.30 - 17.00
MUSIL – Museo dell'industria e del lavoro – Via del Commercio 18 - Rodengo Saiano (Bs) - Italy

Interview with Agnes Alfandari (Louvre)

2015 Children in Museums Award

2015 Children in Museums Award - European Museum Academy




Take your chance: download and send an Application Form or contact

the EMA Co-ordinator , Ann Nicholls






The new Article of the Month by Jorge Wagensberg

The  new Article of the Month by Jorge Wagensberg - European Museum Academy

Prof. Jorge Wagensberg (Barcelona) , former  Scientific Director of the La Caixa Foundation and creator of the “Cosmocaixa” in Barcelona  (Winner of the 2006 EMYA Award)  has recently written an article for the daily newspaper "El Pais" 


We are very pleased to have now the opportunity to publish here in English with the hope to make is accessible to the non-Spanish speaking museum community. As usual Jorge's text is full of ideas and with the necessary portion of sense of humour. Comment and reactions are very welcome !

Jorge Wagensberg is Director of the International Course in Modern Scientific Museography (founded in 2004); Professor of Irreversible Processes Theory at the Faculty of Physics of the University of Barcelona, currently in charge of the Hermitage Barcelona Project.

Jorge Wagensberg  is also member Advisory Board  of the European Museum Academy Foundation.