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 At a ceremony held in the Salone Vanvitelliano at the Palazzo della Loggia in Brescia, The National Archives of the Netherlands was announced as the winner of the 2015 Micheletti Award.  The trophy was presented to the Archives’ representatives, Astrid Hertog and Nancy Hovingh. Representing the Luigi Micheletti Foundation was its President Aldo Rebecchi.  The trophy was handed by the President of A2A Company: Dr. Giovanni Valotti.


The judges said: “This exhibition was excellently conceived and excitingly presented. The National Archives of The Netherlands is, of course, first and foremost an archival organisation and as such primarily preserves written documentation from Dutch society.  But it has also realised something which may sound obvious.  The collections are not only documentation for researchers in the reading room but are also material heritage in the same way that museum objects are.  Exactly as in a museum that means that the archival collections can be used for exhibitions and educational purposes where the institution wants to tell a story and make a point..... the National Archives of The Netherlands sets a very good example for other archival institutions.  It is first of all a question of will and courage.”



This year a Special Commendation was given to the Maritime Museum of Denmark at Helsingør.  The museum was housed for 98 years in the medieval Kronborg Castle, before it moved to the old Helsingør Shipyard’s dry dock nearby, reopening to the public in October 2013.  As it is in a conservation area needing a clear view of the Castle, the museum was not allowed to have any part of its building above ground, with a result that is both ingenious and spectacular. The museum has moved away from traditional displays, focussing on the creation of narrative environments and creatively designed spatial experiences that mix theatrical elements, multiple layers and multimedia components.  Visitors are encouraged to participate, taking the part of a merchant in a trading simulation, and as a shipping employee, handling bulk carriers and tankers in a present-day environment.



The winner this year is MAGMA Museum of Arts in Iron in the Maremma, Follonica, Italy. Follonica was the centre of an important iron industry which was dedicated to cast iron and which ended in the 1960s.  The visible remains fell into disuse until MAGMA opened to tell the technological, artistic and human story of the ironworks in its heyday. Housed in the restored Saint Ferdinand Furnace, the city’s most historic building, its old walls stand side by side with modern multimedia technology.  The exhibitions tell the story of the birth of the community and of the factory town, and the interrelations between humans and their environment.


The New Article of the Month .

The New Article of the Month  . - European Museum Academy



An article by two former students of the European Master in Museology at the IULM University of Milan (Italy). This Course is now at its 5th edition and it is designed and organized by the IULM University in cooperation with EMA.


Who are we?

We graduated at the end of 2014 (Master of Research in European Museology) and now we are working to create an APP designed specifically for Museums and cultural institutions regarding Museum Surveys.

Stefano Bonomelli. Graduated at the Cattolica University in Milan with a degree in Art History and Cultural Heritage. He collaborate with the MUSIL (Museum of Industry and Labour of Brescia) focusing on audience development, users engaging and social media communication.

Samanta Buglia. Graduand in Communication in the Culture and Art Markets at the IULM University of Milan. Currently collaborating with the Forum of Slavic Cultures concerning the organization of cultural events that will take place during the EXPO 2015 in Milan. 


Mrs Gabriella Battaini-Dragoni Deputy Secretary Gen. of the Council of Europe

Mrs Gabriella Battaini-Dragoni  Deputy Secretary Gen. of the Council of Europe - European Museum Academy

Mrs Gabriella Battaini-Dragoni  Deputy Secretary General of the Council of Europe delivered a  speech in Brescia during the EMA Days on occasion of the XX anniversary of the Luigi Micheletti Award. 

EMA is very grateful for her words of support as well as for her statement which interprets very well the spirit of this program jointly developed over the years by the MUSIL Foundation, the Micheletti Foundation  and the European Museum Academy.

Battaini 2015 Battaini 2015 [17 Kb]

The 2016 Micheletti Award, don 't miss the chance ! Apply now !

"Micheletti Award nominees and winners do this in inspiring and innovative ways, continually pushing the boundaries and reinventing the museum experience thus paving the way for the museum of the future. I would like to wish all of this year’s contestants the best for this competition, and for the future"

                                                  Mrs Gabriella Battaini-Dragoni,  Council of Europe’s Deputy Secretary General.


This is an Award focused on contemporary European history and its scientific, industrial and social heritage. You may apply if you are a museum of 20th-century history (social, political, military), a museum of science, technology or industry, a science centre, an ecomuseum or an interpretation centre on these subjects. Don’t miss the chance to profit from the visibility and networking opportunities offered to your museum by taking part in the scheme. Hundreds of museums have already done so in the 20 years of activity of the Micheletti Award. Candidates also have the opportunity of running for the DASA Award, which focuses on themes of the world of work, past, present and future, with special attention given to man with his concerns, needs and abilities.



The 2016 Micheletti Award, don 't miss the chance ! Apply now ! - European Museum Academy

2015 Heritage in Motion winners announced !

2015 Heritage in Motion winners announced ! - European Museum Academy

2015 Heritage in Motion  winners  announced in Brescia during the 2015 EMA Days, winners and details availables at:


Heritage in Motion was founded two years ago by EMA and Europa Nostra and it is now actively cooperating with Europeana.


HiM2015 Winners HiM2015 Winners [641 Kb]